Kicking off the website/blog and posting 'Rattle' to Vimeo

My New Year's resolution this year was NOT to do any personal work, yet here I am-- just can't seem to stay away.  Regardless, I am really happy to finally have a website up.  Putting it together has helped me see clearly areas I want to work on.

It also led me to dig up and post my old short film 'Rattle' on Vimeo.  It's actually the 10th year since it originally played in film festivals.  I made a few tweaks to it before posting it.  The title fonts seemed dated to me, so I replaced them and adjusted some of the timing of the film along with a little tweak to the ending.  If you haven't seen it before (and I know a lot of people didn't since it only played in film festivals), take a look on Vimeo.  And if you like it, hit 'Like' so more people will get a chance to see it!